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Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

Public Liability – Public Liability or Third Party Insurance covers anyone who is in (or near) your home or business and suffers accidental bodily injury or death, or damage to their property. Examples include a client suing after he slips and falls while visiting your store or a bystander is injured by falling debris during renovations. Coverage can also include protection from claims by trespassers.

Personal Liability
Personal Liability Insurance covers the insured from legal expenses and claims for compensation should the insured accidentally injure others or damage their property. A policy can be tailored to cover the liability of both individuals and their family members

Professional Indemnity
No professional is safe from the chance of being involved in some type of lawsuit. No matter how well you do your job, this is something you don’t want to take chances with. You need to take precautions to protect the assets you ‘ve worked hard to build.

Liability insurance for professionals, sometimes called “malpractice” or “errors and omissions” insurance, covers Civil Liability for breach of professional duty arising from any act, error or omission committed or alleged to have been committed by professional consultants such as attorneys, accountants, architects etc., in the conduct of their professional business practice.

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